Monday, September 23, 2013

Revival (Variant Series #1) by Jena Leigh

Possessing the uncanny ability to fry a television set from twenty paces can really wreck a girl's social life.

If your looking for proof, just ask sixteen-year-old Alexandra Parker. After catching her boyfriend in the arms of the prettiest girl in school, she made the journey from social elite to social pariah in a haze of electricity and exploding electronics. But finding herself at the bottom of the Bay View High's social hierarchy was nothing compared to the shock of discovering who-and what-she really is. 

After being zapped out of a burning bookstore by the mysterious Declan- a hero nearly as handsome as he is infuriating-Alex finds herself under the protection of the powerful Grayson family. It's through them that she learns the truth: that the world she's always known is nothing like it appears to be... and that she has far more in common with them than she might want to believe.

Now, on the run from a fire-wielding hit man and a secretive government organization, Alex must navigate a strange and treacherous new world filled with superhuman mutants known as Variants. As she begins to unravel the many secrets of her family's past, she uncovers the real reason for her parents' death twelve years earlier- and finds out that the threat to her family, and to everyone she cares about, is still dangerously real. 

I went ahead and copied the summary from Amazon because it perfectly describes the book. I bought this book last night, looking for something to help lull me to sleep...This book did not! In fact I was up till 1:30 reading and I just finished it a few moments ago. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail that the author put into the setting and the way that she actually took time to develop the characters by not only showing you Alex's thoughts but also the other characters in the stories. I loved the twist and turns that came around 3/4ths of the way through the story. Also, when she tells a story inside the story she doesn't do it from the perspective of the person who told the story...She did it from Declan's point of view and that made it even more interesting. 

I have to give this story 4 out of 5 Cups of Joe, because it was wonderful...But it did have some typos. They really don't effect the story and if your not looking for them. I doubt that your brain will even register them. 

I did go to her website and found out that she is entirely Self- Published! So check it out :)

I really can't wait to read the next story. I just found out on her blog that she is working on the second book and has already started on the third!