Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dark Summer (Witchling series) By Lizzy Ford

Dark Summer is the story of a small slight orphan girl who is just trying to fit in. She has moved from school to school foster home to foster home. She doesn't believe that there is a place that she can belong. When Summer goes to a strange boarding school at Priest Lake in the Rocky Mountains, she thinks that its just going to be the same. Fate has another plan for her, the darkness surrounding the school has been growing and with a New Master of Fire and Night about to be ordained, she has to find where her heart really is...

I would love to go on more and more about this story. I would love to tell you that I couldn't put it down. But thats not true. I could. Lizzy Ford does a wonderful job of spinning words in to pictures for the reader. The amount of internal and external struggle that Each character goes through is well defined to their personalities in the story. It wasn't calling to me when I set it down and even though I did go ahead and buy Autumn Storm (Witchling Series), Immediately after I finished with Dark Summer. I do have to say that this part of the story felt like an introduction to the characters and really made me want to read the second book.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 Cups of Joe, Because the writing was done well, There was a lack of emotional pull for the reader. The Characters were well defined in their roles. Dark Summer is a great book for those of you that want to enter into the world of Dark and Light at Priest Lake.

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