Outrunning life

This is where I would like to share my Stories. I don't mind you reading them. But please don't plagiarize! Thats illegal and not to mention really just proves that you have no creativity.

chapter one

"UGH!, Whats taking them so long?" I screamed at the door from inside my head.  I had just arrived at my aunt and uncles house after a week of traveling. They didn't know I was coming till I called four hours ago from a pay phone in the next town over. I figured that I would be safe away from it all. But I couldn't have been more wrong.

My aunt opened the door with my godson on her hip. "Hi, Jonnie" she said carefully. Looking me up and down as she motioned for me to come in. I know that I looked really bad, But I had tried to clean myself up in the gas station restroom about an hour ago. When your out running demons you don't have enough time to consistently reapply makeup. I know what she saw as she looked at me. My shirt was a plain T that I had slashed myself and layered a few tanks underneath. My jeans were also torn up, but those I didn't make. They came from jumping fences while trying to lead the last asshole demon away from my moms place. Lastly I know that she saw my boots, They were a gift upon receiving my powers. I don't know who gave them to me but they were always helping me out. Looking down at myself I saw that even my boots looked worn to hell. Oh, well. It wasn't like I could charm myself into looking better, I had already tried that and It back fired with purple hair... Plus my aunt doesn't know that I have powers and she would probably have a heart attack considering how religious she is. 

"Hi, Aunt Marget!" I said trying to sound super happy and smile at my godson.

"Come in,Come in" she said as she walked towards the red plaid couch that had been there since before I was born. The last time I had been here, I slept on that couch for a week, thats when I was eight. 

A flash of color rolled by as my little cousin David went skateboarding threw the living room, flashing me a smile as he flew by. Thats how relaxed of a parent she is. My mom would have had a conniption fit if I left my sock on the bathroom floor. "Hey Jonnie" My cousin Vincent said as he walked into the kitchen with his guitar slung over his shoulder. He and I are the same age, and He is just all about the music. 

"So Jonnie..." My aunt said again in that same careful tone. "You said that you had no where else to go? What happened to your mom's apartment? You had mentioned that it was going to be renovated? But that she was staying with a friend, and thought it best if you crashed somewhere else for a while.."

"Yes" I answered quickly. Better put my lie in place as fast as possible if to only avoid the massive amount of questions. The truth is that my mom saw me fighting a demon in the ally behind our apartment and she just completely lost it. She saw them everywhere and she couldn't even leave the house. It was like she went mad or something, so I had to put her in the Altruist Home for the Mentally Insane. I didn't want to do it, but I know that there she will be okay. The stipend that she gets from some crazy dead relative will cover all the cost. 

"Yes" I said again as my aunt fired another question at me about church (which is a requirement in this household) I have never been a "church goer" but I guess I will be come one. Don't get me wrong, I love God, but Where is he if I am the one fighting the demons...I thought that was his job! The next couple of questions where simple and basically alluded to how long I would be staying. I wasn't quite sure, so I just said that I would be getting a job and that I would pay rent. 

"Okay, Then" she said as she got up and started heading down the hall. The walls were all white and didn't have any artwork hanging up or even pictures of her kids. It looked kinda Creepy. The hall had three doors on each side. She opened them as she went. The first was the boys bathroom and the last door on the right was the girls. My cousin Maxx's room was strangely dark and extremely cluttered. He was sitting there bent over a desk scribbling in a notebook. "Now, you have seen Maxx, Sorry for the mess. I can't get him to clean that room for anything." The next room was Vincent's and the door was slightly open already. We could hear the twang of the guitar strings. Across the hall from him was what I assumed to be davids room as the door was wide open and there was an array of video games and posters for the WWE, and a small unmade bed. 

Next we came to anna's room. She hated being called AnnaLisa. Her door was closed and pop music was playing loudly. 

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