Friday, August 4, 2017

Highland Escape by Cathy and DD MacRae

Highland Escape is not like any other Historical Romance I have read. Its a very honest book. I know that seems to be a weird way to describe a book but that is what it is.

The synopsis reads like this: Fleeing the English army that murdered her family before her eyes, Anna Braxton rescues two young women, kidnapped by a barbaric Highland clan only to find herself unjustly imprisoned by the clan she aided. Disgusted by her treatment, she counters their belated offer of friendship with anger and distrust. But she does not count on the unexpected effect the laird’s son has on her heart.
Duncan MacGregor does not understand his da’s command to imprison the young woman who saved his sister’s life. He is more than intrigued with Anna’s skill with a bow and sword—in fact, he is fascinated by everything about her, in spite of her lack of feminine wiles. Straightforward and with a deep-seated sense of honor, Anna Braxton disrupts his entire notion of a suitable woman.
Trained as a warrior and unwilling to be any man’s chattel, Anna shuns the idea of marriage—until Duncan coaxes her into a world of acceptance and passion she never knew existed. He wants her as his wife. She will agree, but only on her own terms—conditions Duncan is not sure he can accept.

This book is number one in my list of Heroines that Kick Ass.

Anna Braxton is a warrior and nothing will stop her from being that. That much she makes clear to Duncan MacGregor from the first time that they meet when she is being held captive by his father, after she risk her own life to save that of his sister and her maid from Highlanders. Anna is held for over a week and still stays strong and silent. Thanks in large part to her advanced training. This surprises not only Duncan but also his father and all of their clan. When she is finally released she makes it very clear that she will do as she wants and that she will not back down from anyone for anything.

Duncan seems to take this as a challenge and very much to heart, as he see's himself as her protector. He shows her that she can be trusted slowing and that she can be with him in a romantic sense will still being herself. This works for a while but then Duncan witnesses a sparing match between her and one of the men that she is training and lashes out. This causes Anna to flee. She then is captured by the same English Army that burned her home to the ground and killed her entire family.

Anna being the fighter that she is, fights for her life and her love... but can she make it out and make it back to Duncan and can they work together to find balance?

This story is honestly like no other. It makes you look at your own relationships and question the warrior inside yourself. Then it goes on to show you that with the right type of love you can be you and still have everything.