Monday, June 5, 2017

I made my own printable

Hi ya'll,

So this has like nothing to do with books... and probably doesn't go here... but I HAVE to share this with someone... I just got frustrated trying to find a printable that I liked... so.... I made one.

Yes. It is that easy. Like seriously that easy.

I went into Microsoft Word and I started with a new document. Then I selected a page border. After that I started Typing things that I need. Such as the name of my listing.

I should pause here and tell you that I wanted a paper form for my binder on my Etsy listings. I keep having to think and type at the same time...then I look at my description and I am think to myself... ugh... why didn't I plan that out better. So in order for me to plan better I created this...Thinking about doing a calendar type planner for my blog here... I have 17+ books to write about and am in the middle of a 8 part series that I am so tempted to spend the last of my paycheck on. More about that later.

Sorry.. I got off track again didn't I? See this is why its good to plan. Back to my printable and the listing.

So I typed everything I wanted and it looked like a list. Not appealing. So I created two column one on the left is much wider than the one on the right. I reserved the one on the right for Tags and Materials. But the one on the left is for the Listing Name, Date, Description and also the Price and some Notes. I really like the color green so I made the font all green and then changed the font type till I liked it. Same as you would in any Word Document.

I like things to be simple so I kept it that way. If you dont feel comfortable making your own then I suggest Pinterest for free printables.