Thursday, December 15, 2016

My Top Ten Book Series To Read

So I was reading some other blogs and realized that they all have a list of some type on them, Things to create, things to eat, top ten this and top ten that.  I thought about it and noticed that I don't have anything like this on my blog. Below I have put together a list of My Top Ten Book Series To Read. I Love reading and have actually read all of these books and more... A lot more. Currently, I am on the last book in the Mercy Thompson series and will be adding a few more post about her and the wolves soon. Until then, let me know what book series you like to read and where to find them.
  1. Harry Potter
  2. Mercy Thompson
  3. Percy Jackson
  4. Narnia
  5. Hunger Games
  6. Abhorsen
  7. Stephanie Plum
  8. Vampire Academy
  9. Graceling Realm
  10. Song of the Lioness