Wednesday, July 22, 2015

OverDrive For Windows 8.1

I just downloaded a New App to my computer for Windows 8.1. Its called OverDrive. Its for reading and allows you to borrow books from library's. Here is the Awesome Part though.. instead of just One Counties Library System.. you get to Borrow from anywhere in the world. You can access any database of ebooks or audiobooks and its all free, cause your Borrowing them! All you need is a library card that is in Good Standing.

I personally am thinking that this may just turn out to be the best thing ever... cause well... I like FREE BOOKS. In fact most of the books that I have read lately have been free. I like to think of it as being economical with my money. The Truth is I just really like to read...and am not willing to pay a high price for a book that has been out for a while.

I have added a link for you to download it here: OverDrive

I also included a video here to the right that is going to show you how to have the books sent to your Kindle Device with out you having to use Amazon.

Hope that your enjoy it, and hope your get a lot of books read!