Sunday, July 13, 2014

Into the Fae by Quinn Loftis

This story starts out right where the 7th book left off... If you haven't read the series please visit the post called PRINCE OF WOLVES...That is the only warning you are getting.

Peri, who is a highborn Fae the protector of all the magical realms and part of the Fae council in the last book she went up against her sister Laurell who was also part of the Fae council with a dark past.

Laural thinks that she is dead and is in for a big surprise when she finds out that she is not. Sadly this relationship doesnt change.  When Peri finds out that she is Mated to Lucian who is an Alpha Werewolf, who was lost in the Dark Forest for over a century. She fights to keep him at arms length but realizes that he is a good guy and that she can like him for him.
The great thing about Lucian is he is a mixture of all the other male characters from the series. He is strong and silent, can make Perri (and me) laugh, wont back down and also is just as damn sexy as they come. --IF you cant tell I really like the characters in this book.

The way that Lucian comes across as a man who has demons and still has a kind and gentle heart,is truthfully amazing to me. Quinn uses he gifts as a writer to remind women what its all about...partnership. Lucian and Peri have their own problems, but if you notice they do complete each other.
As in Quinn's other series the characters are traveling, but this time she is introducing new characters as part of her newest series. (Gypsy Healers).
Which I can't wait to read!
I took a long time in writing this review...sry to Quinn and my readers. I was moving!
But even while moving Into the Fae kept playing through my head. This book I would have to say is Quinn's Best. Although I have not read, Luna Mine yet. 
I (of course) give Into the Fae! 5 out of 5 Cups of Joe...I pesonally read this book in 6 hours total, and enjoyed every minute of it!!
Wonderful read! Get you copy from Amazon or by going straight to Quinn's website