Saturday, September 28, 2013

Out of the Dark (Grey Wolves Series #4) By Quinn Loftis

Out Of The Dark starts out with all Four of the Grey Wolves Packs joined together at the Gathering. This has now come to an abrupt stop as one of their own has decided to Attack the Romanian Pack... and as we know they don't take to kindly to that! Since this Alphas plan to kill off Vasile didn't work out, he decides to Attack Jen and Decebel! First off... How dare he! And second, What??? are you crazy... Dec with rip your head off for just looking at her the wrong way?? 

Unknown to the Romanian Pack the Alpha that attacked them has employed a Witch to do his bidding and she has created a Curse for Decebel that will potentially destroy his already fragile bond with Jen. 

Mean while Jen is fighting for her life and the love of her life, as she finally starts to accept that she will never feel him again. Help comes along in a very unexpected way (and once again we are introduced to a few skeletons and new characters).

Vasile who is very much alive and very angry decides to call upon all of his resources. Which includes Sally, the Gypsy Healer, to find a way to help Dec and in turn help Jen. While also inadvertently solving a mystery that has been around for over 300 years...

This story has all of the makings of a Turkey Dinner with all the Trimmings! I couldn't put it down and even was late for work cause I didn't want to stop reading. As with all of her writing +Quinn Loftis makes this world come to life and creates even more characters that are as relatable as a best friend and as smoking hot as a Sexy Werewolf Furball.

I have to give this book 5 out of 5 Cups of Joe as she once again completely wrapped me up in a story that I couldn't get enough of.