Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blood Rites (Grey Wolves Series #2 ) By Quinn Loftis

Disclaimers First... if you did not read the first book, but think that you would want to, then I STRONGLY suggest that you stop reading this right now!!!! Do yourself a favor and scroll on to find Prince of the wolves.
Dont read any further!!!! If you didn't read the first one!!!!

Seriously... I mean what I said at the beginning. :-)

Blood rites was absolutely amazing!!! It picks up right where the last book left off, seriously like just turning the page. (My favorite way of going into another book. Thank you Mrs. Loftis) So here we go. Fane is with his family and Jacque is with hers... two separate areas by the way, and its mere hours away from the Blood Rites Ceremony. When, of course something has to happen, I am not going to tell you how or what...but I will say that in this book. We meet a few new characters like Jacques Father, and his pack. Decibel and Jen also play a huge role and also we get to look at another pack and how they deal with things. The dynamics of the pack are really interesting and I love the way that Mrs. Loftis describes the baring of the neck when someone is being submissive. It really feels like you are looking in from another pack members eyes.

This book was so good I literaly could not put my phone down for even a moment. I was so sucked in that when my own mother called me I hardly even registered it. Mrs Loftis is a storytelling genius!!! I have been reading for about 20 years and have only come across 3 authors that have sucked me in the way that she has.

I give this book 5 out of 5 cups of joe. Because of the writing, the wordage is just phenomenal and the characters are so realistic, I sometimes feel as though if I look up from the book then I would see them in my own living room. Until then you might want to get some food and take a potty break cause if you start reading your not going to want to move. Chomp. Chomp! :-)