Saturday, August 31, 2013

Leather, Lace, & Rock and Roll by Mia Dymond

Letting out that wild side can be a little dangerous for most, but for Rachel Newberry its just what she needs to end up at waist level with a sexy Rock Star!!! In the book Leather, Lace and Rock and Roll, you end up on a wild journey of intrigue, mystery, lies, and love.

Jaydon Hawke is a typical Rock star, with the whole"Sexy and I know it" attitude. ( I mean look at the cover, who couldn't think sexy!!)  But its that all there is to this gorgeous man?

When Rachel and Cameron are marked by a crazy madman, its Hawke who she puts her trust in to save them.

Mia Dymond does a wonderful job with letting the reader in on the secret, with out spoiling the book or giving in to the predictable ending. I would love to add more about this book, But I really do think that there would be to many spoilers.

So you just have to read it for yourself... Although, I do promise it will be worth the time!

I give this book 5 out of 5 Cups of Joe, cause it kept me intrigued, laughing, and thinking what could happen next. As a avid reader, usually I can predict the ending but this one definitely made me think "What!!" - Props to the writer.