Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just One Drop (Grey Wolves Series #3) By Quinn Loftis

 Just one drop focuses on Jennifer Adams (Jen) and Decibel the Beta to Vasile of the Romanian wolf-pack. She is the best friend to Jacque who we met in the first book and she has just found out that she is a dormant. Meaning that she has Werewolf blood in her but only a drop. That one drop though means a lot when it comes to the sexy Decibel who is just barely maintaining control of his wolf when he has to deal with Jennifer. Her wacky nympho attitude is no where near to what anyone is prepared for and with her smart-ass mouth you just cant get enough.

This book though it takes us from the world of Jacque and Fane, transitions easily to the relations of another couple and still keeps us knowing about the dynamics of the relationship that we have already witnessed. Even though they are still ever present in this one. It shows the crazy wild side of Jen and how much its fun to aggravate the Mates in the werewolf world.

The twist in this book is that not only do they have to deal with the normal emotions of not knowing if Jen and Decibel can be allowed to be together for the Lack of mating signs but how are they going to deal with the other males at The Gathering. The Gathering has not taken place in a few centuries and its only now taking place because of the shortage of females in the species.

This book keeps your emotions running high as you vote for Jen and Dec, But also keeps you thinking what the hell... why is this so complicated...are they really not meant for each other?

I love the thoughts that this book provokes and am really trying to not give anything away...since I had to go read the 4th one in the series right at the end of this one. I do though have to give this book only 4 out of 5 Cups of Joe cause there were some Massive typos that should have been caught and at one point towards the end I noticed the mistakes with the names of the characters and who they were speaking with though the Bond.

Also I just found out that this book is available as an audiobook and so are the Others.