Friday, May 2, 2014

Einstein ---Time Magazine

Many times I wouldn't read a magazine.. but this time I was traveling on a plane and I thought what the hey.

This edition of Time is on Albert Einstein - The Enduring Legacy Of A Modern Genius.

I love Einstein and think he is one of the smartest men to ever grace this world with his brain.

in the magaizine it says that he was born in Germany and then when his father and uncle loss their biggest client in their electrical business. His family moved to Italy, he left high school to be with them. Then he went back to school in Switzerland and lived with a host family. After that he went to Zurich Polytechnic where he graduated and met his first wife. The really cool thing is that his first wife was also his schoolmate and even though she never graduated, she did share the same love of science. 

Little known fact about Einstein was that he had a daughter who was originally thought to have died of Scarlet Fever, but later it became known that she was given up for adoption --Nothing else is known about her wereabouts or any other mentions of her have been discovered. 

His wife leaves him in 1914 taking their sons with her- when he becomes a professor at the University of Berlin. He marries his cousin.. Elsa... (no offense to Einstein, But ewwww)  

To be continued as I read more.....